Event Temples


EventTemples.com is dedicated to providing a free service to those interested in living from their hearts, and helping others activate and apply their heart's wisdom. We are building a global framework to empower people to transmit their heart's wisdom and energy through a set of behaviors known as the Six Heart Virtues. Our mission is to support the human transformation from material-mindedness to energetic-heart-awareness.

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Here are some suggested ways you can assist the growth of EventTemples.com:

  1. The most important contribution you can make is to study the e-paper, Living from the Heart, and put into practice the teachings therein.
  2. This fall (October) the first Event Temple (EVT-1) will be launched. Your participation will be an important contribution, so please register and we'll update you on the release of this revolutionary experience of coordinated, energetic transfers to specific global events.
  3. Form a study group that discusses the e-paper and share ideas on how one can implement the Six Heart Virtues in their day-to-day life.
  4. Post the EventTemples.com URL in your forums, blogs, and online social networks.
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  7. Send the e-paper, Living from the Heart, to your network of family and friends as an email attachment, and you can also forward any of the free download materials (music, wallpapers) as well.
  8. Help in the translations of the Living from the Heart e-paper and getting them distributed in your country.
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Thank you for taking the time to tell your friends and family about EventTemples.com. Your help is appreciated.