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The following introduction is a transcript of an interview with James, the visionary creator behind the EventTemples.com, WingMakers.com and Lyricus.org websites. This interview was conducted on April 23, 2007 by Sarah De Rosnay, in upstate New York.

Sarah: "What is the purpose behind the Event Temples website?"

James: "Because we live in a dimension of stuff—physical matter, floating in time and space, most of us become accustomed to an illusion that deludes us, namely that what is physical or material is indeed our only reality, or at least the only one that matters.

"Everything that exists in the physical realm is actually a metaphor for its energetic equivalent. So we live in a world of metaphors and meta-forms. The Event Temples are a metaphor as well, a reminder that an energetic and far deeper reality shapes us, supports us, and connects us, and that we—by choice—can access this deeper reality and make it come alive in our own lives.

"But to answer your question more directly, the purpose of the Event Temples is to demonstrate that we are able to connect on an energetic level as a coherent community, and that through an orchestrated session, synchronized in time, we can send the collective qualities of our heart's virtues to an event and its people that are suffering and in need of energetic support just as much as they require physical or material support."

Sarah: "It seems that saving earth or helping to protect earth is a key rallying point for people at this time. How does this mission to save and protect earth connect to the Event Temples, if it does at all?"

James: "I can appreciate that people feel a natural stewardship to earth, and many can now see the consequences of hyper-consumption and how it has diminished the quality of our ecosystem. But the earth is not a delicate or fragile thing. Nor is it separate from us energetically. We are all connected, and it is because of this interconnection, and the super-resilience of earth, that the Event Temples will focus on energetically supporting people first and foremost.

"The idea is to work on the innermost levels of our personal self-what some would call emotional self-mastery. This is the building block, best achieved when the individual lives from their heart, expressing the six heart virtues energetically, emotionally, and physically through their behaviors.

"It is not the focus of the Event Temples to be part of the movement to save or protect earth, though if enough people will live from their hearts, the earth benefits as do we all."

Sarah: "How exactly will people benefit?"

James: "The e-paper, Living from the Heart, defines this very well. I would encourage people to read this—perhaps several times—and really absorb the meaning behind the words.

"When a person participates in an Event Temple session, they'll be brought into a 'waiting room' where they can learn about a target event. Let's say the event is focused on the Darfur Camps and the human deprivation therein. Participants will be 'released' from the waiting room at the same instant, regardless of their time zone, and they will enter a virtual temple as a community of participants. Within this temple an animation will play that will orchestrate the energy of the assembled participants and direct this light energy towards those entangled in the target event.

"The participants will benefit from the experience of learning how to kindle and direct their heart energetics to the goal of supporting their fellow brothers and sisters, no matter where they are on the planet. This is the basis of what I call quantum communities, and participants will feel a potent connection to their inner spirits, those of their fellow participants and the people they are supporting energetically.

"This is not a one time event focused on one subject. Event Temples will be responsive to past, present, and even future or impending events, in specific geographies on the planet. And there will be sessions nearly every day that people can schedule and participate in. This is a practice that builds momentum over time, and this momentum can create profound and positive changes."

Sarah: "I understand that the six heart virtues are keys to this whole experience. Can you talk a little bit about them and where they came from?"

James: "The six heart virtues are: appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor. In the Lyricus teachings they are the core behaviors that the student is asked to study and express energetically and behaviorally. In the Living from the Heart e-paper they are defined in detail, and several practices or techniques are suggested to help anchor them in the behaviors of the student.

"The Event Temples website will provide a free, interactive tracking system that will help users monitor and assess their progress in applying the six heart virtues in their day-to-day lives.

"The six heart virtues can be braided together or expressed in clusters and/or sequences. There is artistry in this expression of behaviors that the practitioner will become increasingly aware of over time."

Sarah: "What is your vision for EventTemples.com?"

James: "A new psychology is emerging on the planet, referred to as positive psychology, which focuses on the study of human resilience and emotional strength. Psychologists are beginning to realize, for example, that it is more important to understand how some people have naturally overcome depression, than it is to study the psychopathology of depression itself.

"Reservoirs of resilience and emotional strength are byproducts of emotional self-mastery, the ability to express the six heart virtues and live within a virtuous instead of a vicious cycle. The ability to sustain a virtuous cycle through the energetic and behavioral expression of the six heart virtues is tantamount to empowerment.

"My vision for EventTemples.com is for it to help individuals achieve a new level of empowerment, and from this base, enable them to collectively and individually support people across the globe through energetic transfers from an expanding set of quantum communities."

Sarah: "This isn't a substitute for donating time and money to worthy causes is it?"

James: "No. This is an add-on to the existing model of donating money, energy, and time to charitable foundations, organizations, and the disadvantaged of our global village. The need is great for our human family to face the challenges of overpopulation, food and water distribution, weather calamities, natural disasters, war, and the great divide of religious, cultural and racial misunderstanding.

"Each of us, in our own way, must contribute. Event Temples provides a way for people to learn emotional self-mastery, practice the six heart virtues, track their progress, contribute their energetic heart qualities to specific events and people therein, and contribute their ideas and experiences to evolve the community.

"Everyone is encouraged to contribute in meaningful ways to the hotspots of calamity and turmoil as they arise. For some, the Event Temples will be too abstract and uncertain, for others it may require too much inner work, but for many, they are seeking a community that encourages emotional maturity and self-mastery, but not as a teaching, rather as a practice. Something they can do, and be a part of, every day of their life.

"This is the definition of a life of meaning. And this is what we require in order to live our purpose as a spiritual being within a human body."

Sarah: "How is this all connected to your earlier projects like WingMakers and Lyricus?"

James: "I'm building a pathway into a wilderness, and while many people wonder about the roots and foundation of my works, I am more interested in the destination of the pathway. You see the ultimate goal is the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul and how we are all interconnected independent of time and space, or race and color, or gender and age.

"All of my works point to this destination, but the path has been extended now into quantum communities that can evolve into potent intentional forces—including the destination I just spoke of."

Sarah: "When will EventTemples.com launch?"

James: "We are building a skyscraper, and it will be launched in many phases. The first phase is an introductory launch that will acquaint people with the project and provide a feel of what is to come, but most importantly, set the foundation for the project via the e-paper Living from the Heart. This will happen in the summer of 2007. The next phase will occur about three months after the initial launch, and this will include the first Event Temple, a tracking system, and community forums. Thereafter, about every 3-4 months a new Event Temple will be launched. But there are many factors that could accelerate or decelerate this project so the dates I provide are only estimates."

Sarah: "Thank you for sharing some details of this project with me. I wish you every success!

"Do you have any final comments?"

James: "You're very welcome.

"If there was one thing I could share with each of you who read this, I would simply invite you to invest the time to study the e-paper Living from the Heart. It will help you learn how to shift your emotional state on-demand, to embody the deepest connections of your heart. It is not the definitive manifesto of emotional self-mastery; rather it's the primer or catalyst for you to begin the practice consciously and conscientiously. It was written for those who required a timely reminder, a motivational nudge to take a new trajectory towards a more meaningful life.

"I look forward to your contributions to the community.

"From my world to yours."

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