Event Temples


EventTemples.com is a website dedicated to guiding individuals in the practice of emotional self-mastery.

Emotional self-mastery involves the practice and cultivation of positive feelings and attitudes in three areas of living.

  • Toward ourselves
  • Toward those we encounter on a daily basis
  • Toward our fellow human beings around the world.

The theory underlying this practice is that all human beings possess the divine quality of love as an intrinsic part of their psychological, physical, and energetic anatomy. A key factor in this definition of love is that it is energy—an intelligent energy—that all humans can learn to focus, direct, and transmit with intent.

The Six Virtues of the Energetic Heart

The portal in the human biofield through which this universal love flows is the energetic heart. In an article entitled, "The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny" this center of love is more fully described. It is clear from this article that the human physical heart is a timespace extension and expression of the quantum energetic heart. This is the receiving and transmitting center of love in all human beings. This energetic heart transmits and expresses the light of love as six virtues. These heart virtues are: appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor. Although these six virtues have various other qualities associated with them, these six are the primary energies expressed by the energetic heart.

These heart virtues were first introduced in a follow-up article entitled, "The Art of the Genuine: A Spiritual Imperative." (Both these articles can be downloaded at wingmakers.com.) Quoting from p. 2 of that paper it states that, "these are the fundamental virtues or frequencies that produce the platform structure of the energetic heart and from which the realm of self or soul operates."

The phrase, "art of the genuine" means that one lives according to the virtues of the energetic heart both inwardly and outwardly. This dual activity is also known as coherence. Quoting from "The Art of the Genuine" p.3:

"The virtues of the heart, when they are coherent within an individual, or within a group of individuals, can produce results that are extraordinary and seemingly supernatural. This requires that both the tacit or implicit levels (the inner source) of heart virtues and their explicit equivalents (actions/behaviors) are coherent. Coherent, in this case, means linked in authenticity and genuineness."

The When-Which-How Practice

Living from the Heart is the title of the foundational paper that explains the concepts underlying EventTemples.com. Although the paper acknowledges the importance of studying the six virtues and their combinations, the major emphasis is placed on the application of these virtues in one's daily life. This is concisely detailed as the when-which-how practice. Quoting the paper from p. 13:

"The practice consists of:

  • when you apply the heart virtues (or any subset therein) to a particular life situation;
  • which one(s) you apply; and
  • how you express the virtues into that situation."

The power of this practice is in its simplicity. A person does not have to be a theologian, psychologist, or expert in morals and ethics to engage this practice. The paper also points out that the practice is "faith agnostic;" meaning that practicing the virtues of the heart transcends all religions and philosophies.

The article goes on to describe two types of energy fields directly related to the use of the when-which-how practice. One is the Individual Human Energetic Field (IHEF) and the other one is the Collective Human Energetic Field (CHEF). The CHEF is a product of the continuous contributions of the billions of IHEFs of our planet. The theory, in its simplified form, suggests that human emotions such as fear, hate, anger, and greed "densify" the CHEF, creating a kind of emotional environmental pollution. This pollution of the CHEF generates an unhealthy "psychological atmosphere" within the human energy grid. This negativity contributes to an overall sense of fear and hopelessness that finds expression in the physical world as hatred, war, and disease.

These articles suggest that this chaotic and poisonous emotional field can be detoxified through the intelligent use of divine love consciously directed through the focussed application of the six virtues of the energetic heart. Apparently, this is the role played by those individuals called to participate in the activity of the when-which-how practice.

Beyond the practical, day-to-day application of the six heart virtues, a meditation and visualization exercise are also offered. All three of these practices combined reinforces the virtues in one's biofield and generates a healthy psychological and physical state of being.

The process of building the six heart virtues into one's energy field takes up to a year of steady practice. The interesting aspect of this process involves the vibrational uplifting of the people we encounter in our lives. This is described as a viral effect. An individual who has become viral positive affects the CHEF by contributing the higher frequencies of the six heart virtues. According to the theory, if enough individuals engage this practice the overall viral negative state of the CHEF can be steadily cleared of its unhealthy physiological effects on the human family, as well as the other life-forms of Earth.

Event Temples

This brings us to the third aspect of emotional self-mastery-transmitting the virtues of the heart to our fellow human beings around the world. This is where the Event Temple concept (thus the website's name) comes into play. This is where the daily individual practice crosses the line into specifically scheduled group practice.

As described in "Living from the Heart" p. 34:

"Event Temples are the coalescing force for the community of when-which-how practitioners to collectively send their energetic voices to the needful ears of those enmeshed in the densities of a world awash in change, disenfranchisement, separation, greed, and profound, but fearful changes of a new reality."

Through an ingenious leveraging of the power of the internet, practitioners are offered the opportunity to participate in Event Temple energetic heart transfers. Through these time coordinated Event Temples, registered practitioners participate in an orchestrated transmission of specific heart virtues to a pre-selected crisis point in the world.

This work serves a dual purpose. First, practitioners are given the opportunity to aid those in need, through the distribution of subjective heart energetics. Second, practitioners increase the power of their own heart energetics through the skill attained in their use.

It should be noted that no claim of physical healing is made in any of these articles, nor is specific evidence offered that any tangible effects can be detected through the practice of the when-which-how technique. However, subtle hints are given that evidence of positive results in both the when-which-how practice and the Event Temple energetic heart transmissions may be forthcoming in the future that allows users to track their results. This is currently referred to on the EventTemples.com website as the Six Heart Virtues Tracking System. It is expected to launch in the fall of 2007.